Dear Friend,

It is with mixed emotions that we write you this heartfelt letter. After much thought and careful consideration, Kendra and I have decided that the time has come for Step and Stride to end. This decision has not come easily, but we recognize that a great thing has run its course. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share more than just walking with you. We have shared lives, fitness journeys, mutual ups and downs, and many steps toward better health. As our own lives have moved forward, we’ve found it harder and harder to give Step and Stride our all; the love, time and attention it deserves.

Step and Stride began as an idea between two good college friends, Kendra Petrill and Jennifer Schiff. Two moms who knew how hard it was to stay in shape and how left behind walkers so often felt during running events. They grew Step and Stride into a great community. When Jen and her family moved to North Carolina, I had the opportunity to succeed her as partner. Through the years the walking club developed, we added new events, supported various charities, and many of you made good friends and discovered new places to walk.

Kendra and I started this journey as strangers, and end it as dear friends. Our friendship will live on, as will our support and love for the walking community. We plan to keep our Facebook page active and encourage you to use it as a forum to share race information and find exercise partners. Some of our walkers have expressed an interest maintaining the summer walking club in Westerville, and we’ll happily support your efforts and pass along any related information. You may even find us out on the path walking with you from time to time.

Please know what a difficult decision this has been and how much we thank you for being the heart and soul of Step and Stride for seven wonderful years.

In health…and love,
Stephanie & Kendra